Top 5 Saddest Disney Moments

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Top 5 Saddest Disney Moments


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SPOILER ALERT: If you have not seen these movies, then you are at risk of gaining knowledge about the movie that you may or may not want to hear. So read at your own risk.

5. Bambi (here)

We all know the moment I am talking about. The moment when Bambi’s mom dies. Even when we are kids we know that she dies off-screen. Bambi’s mom tells him to keep running as fast as he can. It cuts the mom out of the scene and continues to follow Bambi. We hear one final gunshot, but Bambi keeps running not knowing what happened to his mother. What makes it even more worse is that when he gets back to his home, he is trying to talk to his mother but she is no where to be found.

4. Lion King (here)

This is one of the most iconic Disney moments that everyone knows about. The death of Simba’s father, Mufasa. This is one of the biggest and saddest moments in Disney history. It hits you out of nowhere. One moment you are thinking that Simba is about to die, but then they hit you with a curve ball and has his dad take the dive instead. I still see him falling in slow motion in my dreams today silently crying on the inside.

3. Finding Nemo (here)

This moment caught me off guard, just because I have a soft side for marine life. The start of the movie, Marlin and his wife have all those eggs underneath their house. When they go to check on them his wife is staring right into the eyes of a predator fish. She makes a move for the eggs, but the other fish moves as well. Marlin tries to stop the fish and hits him, but quickly gets out muscled and goes flying away. When he awakes he checks all the eggs, but they are all gone except one with a crack in it.

2. Toy Story 3 (here)

You can’t sit there and tell me this did not make you tear up at all. Toy Story was my childhood and watching them all accept their deaths was not okay for me. I was not ready to give up my childhood just yet. When I first watched this, I was in terror. I actually thought they would die without seeing Andy again. The whole reason they were in this mess was because the wanted to be played with again, but with Andy going off to college they were going to go in the attic. They try to fight it at first, but eventually give in and hold hands before the burn. That was hard to watch.

1. Up (here)

Up is the saddest and one of the best Disney movies ever, because of this one moment. They make us fall in love with Ellie and Carl. Their relationship made everyone happy. The way they found each other and how they stayed in each others life. At first glimpse you would think this is a happy montage, but they when they could not have a baby that hit hard. You wanted to see them succeed in life, but that was only the first struggle. They had a jar that they would put money in to go on a vacation, but it would always get used to repair broken items around their house and everyday life. Ellie died before they could go on that vacation.

Honorable Mentions: The Fox and the Hound, Inside Out, and Monsters Inc.

Did my list match up to yours? Leave some comments down below if there are any differences from your list to mine.