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New Chancellor Scholarship Award at SIUC

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New Chancellor Scholarship Award at SIUC

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After the previous SIU Chancellor Carlo Montemagno passed away on Thursday, October 11, SIU has been trying to raise some money for a new scholarship fund. At the very least, it may raise $10,000. If more than $25,000 is collected, the family could allow SIU to provide some funding for the scholarship. When asked about Montemagno, one of the SIUC alumni, Dede Lingle Ittner, believed that he was so committed to SIU and helped so many people. This is part of the reason why this scholarship fund is so special to the college.

The Montemagno Memorial Scholarship is being organized by two main groups: the SIU Foundation and the university’s Alumni Association. If the fundraiser is successful, SIUC might be able to turnaround and attract more incoming students.

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This scholarship would benefit many of the seniors of Carbondale Community High School because since the application fee is waived, the majority of the students at this school apply to SIUC. A scholarship like this could change someone’s life, but it could also encourage more students to consider attending this university, which may allow the attendance rate to grow. This scholarship could possibly allow the college to grow and get more money, which would provide numerous benefits for SIU.

Although the scholarship isn’t completely set in stone yet, there is a high chance that there will be one; it is merely dependent on how much money is raised for this cause and what the former Chancellor’s family decides to do with it.

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New Chancellor Scholarship Award at SIUC