The Schools New Designs


Mason Bell, Student

Carbondale high school has been looking the same for a very long time leaving students constantly complaining throughout the whole school year. Even some teachers would agree that there should be more designs and pictures. 

“ Bro this school is nice and everything but we need an upgrade,” Allen Ray, a freshman said while walking up to the school. 

After a while it seemed like the students felt like the teachers were getting annoyed so they eventually stopped. Once the school year was more than halfway done, 2020 came and made history forever. The year that this generation is going to always remember. As soon as Covid 19 came with 2020 they both came and put the whole world on lock down. This caused students to login online for class, because the store and school was even on lock down. This really was a punch to the jaw because people would say in 2019 that Covid is only in china it’s not reaching the United States. 

“This virus really isn’t a joke, the world is really about to end, man,” Webb Sped, a junior, said mid conversation with his friend.

Once 2021 started to slowly approach teachers started to plan things to get students back to in person learning. Of course after a while their plan worked, because the rates for Covid started slowing down. Students still peeped that there was still nothing added to the school, dry and plain. As the previous year students began to complain again, but this time they got what they wanted. When 2021 arrived, it had nothing but positivity to the world because once this came students started to see the designs they’ve been asking for.