Carbondale Community High School – Dress Code

Here at Carbondale Community High School (CCHS), students have a specific dress code that has to be followed in the school.


Students aren’t allowed to wear crop tops, durags, head scarfs, hats, and pajamas. I got the opportunity to interview some of my classmates on this new school year dress code rules. I asked four individual seniors some questions due to the dress code rules. Here’s what Madison Joyce, Patricia Langguth, Knowledge Gayles, and Janelle Thompson said.

Madison answer to the question and the same order was 

“I feel like they just threw everything that they themselves find distracting on there and blamed it on the students.”

Patricia’s answer were 

”The dress code isn’t fair, it is leaned more towards telling females what they can and can’t wear and not boys.”

Knowledge Gayles also said 

”I think the dress code is fair, I think it’s fair so people won’t be going to school looking like anything.”

Janelle’s answer to the question were 

”Yes, because we have a voice and should use it. And if we use it we’ll be heard and they will change it.”