Band Organizational: Were We Fully Ready?

On April 9  me and my fellow band members went to Murphy High School to attend an organization contest. We left the school around 8:15 a.m. and didn’t return until 2 p.m. and between those times our choirs, band, and jazz band performed in front of judges.


Organizational is something we prepare ourselves for months in advance, and practicing the day before in class is so different from playing in front of the judges the next morning. It’s just a different atmosphere especially when you’re in one of your rival schools gym it makes you feel like you have something  to prove. 


But this is way different from a basketball game, for one you don’t the results of your performance as you go like you would a game. When we left we didn’t even know what we placed. We didn’t find out until they announced it at school on Monday. So from Saturday to Monday we were sitting on edge wanting to know our results.

The Concert band performing

The overall experience was really fun. We got to see other bands from other schools like West Frankfurt, and Carterville. We watched each performance from our school and were supportive of each other. And you just get to watch people play at their best and give their all and you get to see the judges’ reactions and there’s smiles on their faces when they like what we do.