Class of 2022: The Final Stretch


Being in the fourth quarter of the school year means that for the senior class it’s time to put the final touches on our after high school plans. Whether that’s college, trade school, gap year or military, you’re taking the final steps to be ready for life after graduation. But that doesn’t mean that it’s any easier just because we’re closer to the end. 

When asked, multiple seniors stated that they were stressed, overwhelmed or nervous about being toward the end of their high school journey. The seniors are very aware that this journey hasn’t been easy and some have shown their love for their fellow classmates. Senior Angelique Spencer stated “I’m so proud of us, though we haven’t always been together. Some of us have known each other since first grade or middle school and we still build each other up to finish off strong.” It’s just very rewarding to see classmates support each other as they’re making their way to the finish line.

The end of the school year means that senior activities are starting up. Things like prom, senior stock, senior trip are put in place for the seniors to have something to look forward to. Senior Nakia Blout said “Those being in place are the only reason I’m still coming to school nowadays.” That’s a very true statement for a lot of seniors. These are the only things worth looking forward to besides graduation. Another senior student, Phillip Johnson,  said “ We’re looking forward to any competitions because we’re the best class to walk these halls!”

Four years is a lot of time to change and find who you are as a person. Most of the seniors stated that they have matured  throughout these years whether that be in grades, classroom behavior, or friendships. Senior Sarah Brunson  said that “I’ve matured a lot since freshman year with my behavior with different friend groups.” Cordero “Ray” Ward was also asked about how the four years have changed him and he stated “it’s matured me socially and to take schooling more seriously.”  

Overall seniors have gone through a lot of ups and downs but are very excited to reach the finish line.