On the Job Training


Alex Baughman teaching class during OJT

Mark Lenzini

On the Job Training, otherwise known as OJT, gives students the opportunity to explore a career path that they are interested in. The students enrolled in the OJT class are also paid for their work at their respective job sites. This feature will be over Alex Baughman, a student in the OJT class and is currently employed at Thomas elementary school. 

“At Thomas Elementary school here in Carbondale I bounce around classes on a weekly basis, working with teachers and different classes doing different things”

When first arriving at his job site Alex often plays basketball with the kids outside. In and out of the classroom the kids pay attention to Alex just like he’s the teacher. Throughout the days Alex will help the kids with their work, such as math, social studies, and English.

“Being in OJT has helped a ton by giving me a hands on experience in a real classroom, and multiple classrooms to give me multiple examples on what teaching at the elementary level is like”.

If you’re interested in joining OJT see Mrs. Jamieson or your school counselor.