It’s “Dr.” not “Mrs.”

Dr. Sagaskie is one of the best teachers I’ve interacted with in 2021. She’s currently teaches different levels of math, including Statistics and Contemporary Math. She’s always trying to get her students to work on their homework and to turn in things on time. She offers as much help as she can including answering question up until 11:00 at night. Dr. Sagaskie is one of the most reachable teachers at this high school (CCHS). Most teachers don’t answer the emails during weekends, after 3:00pm, or the date the homework is due.

Dr. Sagaskie (Taken by: Stephanie Hernandez)

On the other hand, there has been some controversy surrounding her name. Dr. Sagaskie is often referred to as “Mrs. Sagaskie”. People don’t respect the title that she’s earned through her hard work and dedication. Something I don’t understand is how people completely ignore her title as “Dr. Sagaskie”, but respect other teachers “Dr.” title. Personally, my friend and I used to call her “Mrs.” until we read her small name located outside her room. We even talked to her about it, and she mentioned how most of the time people don’t take in her title. My friend and I recommended to get a bigger sign that included her name, so she can hang it up in her room, and people can walk in and just notice it. They would also notice that it says “Dr.” and not “Mrs.”.

In other words, Dr. Sagaskie has a title that people haven’t been respecting throughout these years and it’s time to finally recognize it. Hands down Dr. Sagaskie is such a patient person for not correcting people right away about her name, and hoped they’d just catch up on it. If it were any other teacher, they would’ve gotten frustrated right away if they referred them as a different name more than once. She’s even patient with students who are completely struggling in her class and takes the time to sit there and explain to them step by step what to do and why you do the math problem like that. She never fails to check up on her students and runs to her laptop if a remote student has a question. She’s one of the best math teachers I’ve ever had.