Does Alzheimer’s Run in Your Family?

Jayla Thompson

Does Alzheimer’s Disease run in your family? 


Alzheimer Disease is where the brain cell connections and the brain cells themselves degenerate and die. Eventually, it will destroy your memory and other mental functions. Memory loss and confusion are the main symptoms. There is no cure existing, but medication and strategies may temporarily improve the symptoms. Alzheimer’s do run in families. You could have a genetic mutation. There is a possible chance that you may or may not have it even if you have a genetic mutation. If someone dies in your family does have Alzheimer’s, you want to get tested as soon as possible because they are trying to make a drug to prevent it.  

These scientists are spending thousands of dollars to make a drug and it has not been successful, but what I can say is they have an experimental drug and this woman who had a genetic mutation from her mother who has Alzheimer’s decided to try the drug and see if it works. They have been trying to make a drug to prevent it for the people who have a possible chance of getting the disease because it is worldwide, and it’s being passed down through generations. And that does cause health issues because its causes stress onto your heart and if you already have medications that your taking beforehand then it does cause and issue. But it also causes stress onto the families because now they must help their relative when probably they have their own families to deal with and their jobs and bills.  

For the caregivers this adds stress on children for parents who have Alzheimer’s now must be a parent to their parents and be a parent to their own children. And the people who have this disease must be looked after constantly because they can wander and go somewhere where they have never been before and swear up and down and say they go there all the time. Some caregiver put them in a retirement home because they can’t look after them 24/7. Most caregivers take care of their loved one because they don’t have enough money to pay for a caregiver and they have to do a lot of back and forth 

The retirement homes are not cheap either. It’s like having your own apartment, like all the expanses you would need for that apartment is the same amount is what you would pay for a retirement home. Money is going to run out and where else are they going to get the money from. For the Medicaid it can take up to 5 years to get approvedI feel like the retirement home should make the cost a little but cheaper because not everybody can afford 6,000 a month but they can’t also take care of them because they have a life if their own. And during Christmas is when a lot of people do Granny Dumping because they want to have a break away from. And i mean that not in bad way, it’s just they never have time for themselves like they would want to. 

For the people who have the disease has to sell their homes or their cars just to have a little extra money. People with disease can’t live alone because they are going to forget things or maybe possibly hurt themselves. They might forget their medication to take that they need. Most people with Alzheimer’s their family cell their homes and cars because the money helps with the bills and the medications and treatments. Some sell their cars who have them.  

If someone you know in your family has Alzheimer’s you have a genetic mutation, go get tested because you can catch it your early stages or even before you get it. Some people who have a mutation will get it before they turn 60 maybe even younger. When you have the mutation, you start to show signs earlier than others. In my opinion if you do have the disease that runs in your family you should get tested early as possible so that if you want you can try the experimental drug. 

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