The CNA Class


Sierra Buckles

Whether you are planning on majoring in a career in the medical field or just have a passion for helping people out, the CNA class at CCHS is something you should think about 

The Certified Nursing Assistant Class is a class that is instructed by Registered Nurse, Melanie Nelson. The class is a college level class which is designed to develop basic skills for students who are interested in the medical field specifically working in nursing homes, restorative care, and even in hospitals. A CNA performs the fundamental and everyday tasks for residents and patients such as bathing, feeding, dressing, or even just talking with them.  

CNA student, Parish Reilly, is practicing CPR during class.


However, this class is more advanced than just any basic class that is offered at CCHSThe CNA class is a semester long class which takes place during first and second hour every day along with a mandatory clinical 8 hours every week which is held at Manor Court Nursing Home. At clinicals, the students can get hands-on experience with residents as well as get comfortable working in a medical environment. 

To be qualified for this class, you must pass either Medical Terminology or Health Occupations, which are also taught by Mrs. Nelson. As well as earn a score of 223 or higher on the Accuplacer reading section or a 480 or higher on the SAT reading section. After you are accepted into the course you still have expectations to achieve to remain in the course. You must miss 10 hours or less of class time and 4 hours or less of clinical time to successfully complete the course. On top of that, you must obtain an overall class average of at least 80% and pass the final exam with an 80% or higher. The last step to becoming a CNA is the state exam. If you pass the state exam, then you will be pinned as an official CNA. Students who pass this course are determined, hardworking, and show a true passion in this career.

Students practicing pushing each other in wheelchairs.

If the profile for successful students who take this class fits you, make sure you talk to your counselor soon before the class fills up!