For Kids’ Sake

There is not a better feeling than giving back to those in need. For Kids’ Sake (FKS) is a non for profit organization that supports schools and orphanages in Bangladesh. FKS  gives back by holding art shows that showcase local and global student art work, a 5K superhero race, and by selling merchandise. While Bangladesh may seem very far away, there are many ways for CCHS students to connect with the orphans and give back. This may include:

  • volunteering at events
  • joining letters for learning
  • donating art to the art show
  • running in the 5k

Many students at CCHS enjoy getting involved in the volunteer work that FKS provides. Senior  Yara Hindi volunteered for FKS for two years and said it was life changing. ” Volunteering for FKS was very eye opening and made me look at things differently. After that experience I know that community  service is  something I want to incorporate in my life.” Opportunities like these let student not only give back to the orphans but also meet them and become friends with them. While CCHS student cannot physically meet the orphans, they can join letters for learning where they get a pen pal and get to interact with kids their age across the world. Sophomore and volunteer at FKS, Amira Ruperto, says, “Letters for learning is supper fun because it is really interesting to see how other kids live. And it is really inspiring to see how even though they are orphans and do not have much, they still are happy with their lives. While I love volunteering for events that raise money for the orphans, the reward of getting to know them as individuals and seeing how I can make a difference is so inspiring.” If any students are interested in in volunteering or joining letters for learning contact Mrs. Jones to get involved.