Welcome To: Terriers Live!


Varsity Theatre advertises Terriers Live!

Carmen Peinado

Here at Carbondale Community High School, there are various clubs that are ran by sponsors and co-led by student officers. Yet, of all the clubs at CCHS, there’s one club that stands out and its own spotlight: Terriers Live! CCHS’ improv comedy troupe. Terriers Live! is sponsored and managed by Mr. Josh Taylor, contributing to the club by providing assistance with the auditorium lights, his adult supervision among the club members, and especially organizing the club’s monthly shows at the Varsity theater. As the year comes closer to mid-semester, and with their senior members preparing to graduate, it is up to the long-term members to practice and teach their ‘terrier pups” to step up and take the reins for the 20′ to 21’ school year. 

The improv comedy troupe at CCHS is a student-led club that meet every Wednesday to share laughs and jokes, practice their improv games, and polish their stage acting. This year’s improv troupe continues to add new improv games and teach their younger troupe members on how to become leaders for the future generations of improv. All of their hard work and dedication goes towards a monthly gig as the Varsity Theater located on the strip of Carbondale. All the profits from their shows goes towards the benefit of the club. While several of the students from CCHS come to enjoy the show with friends and family members, many other students don’t even know what improv comedy is. 

Well, improv comedy is a type of on-the-spot humorous acting to create witty skits and performances that come straight from the actor’s minds. Not only does the troupe help with the members acting and improv skills, the club also helps and encourages individuals to be able to de-stress, make friends, and to help people to open up and step out of their comfort zones.
The improv troupe accepts members year-round and practices in the school’s auditorium. So even if you don’t think you’re comfortable with getting up on the stage the first time around, the troupe encourages students to come to the auditorium and sit in to watch them practice; and even more so when they need prompts for their games. 

A master class taught by Jason Wild for the varsity members.