Good foods for the holidays

Christmas is approaching and a lot of people are attending Christmas parties that require to bring some sort of food. Lets not make this party boring!Image result for cute christmas foods



Pinterest is a good site to find cute little easy Christmas treats to make for any Christmas party event! Pinterest has many good Christmas decorating cookies, cakes, snacks, and even meals to follow by step by step!

Christmas Cookies

A lot of people tend to go for the Christmas cookies during the holidays. if you aren’t the best baker, you can purchase your Christmas cookies at your local bakery. Cistaudo’s is a local bakery in Carbondale located at 209 S Illinois Ave. Cistaudo’s has 4.7 stars and is not a franchise, meaning they are locally owned. This is a great place to get tasty cookie treats!

Mashed Potatoes 

Mashed potatoes are a quick easy Christmas food that you could bring to a Christmas event. There are any different sites that give a basic step by step mashed potato recipe. Some of my favorite recipes come from and

Ask a family member or a friend

A lot of people have their own home recipes or favorite foods they like to bring to their Christmas events. If they’re nice enough they might just share their secrets with you, or give you ideas on what you may want to bring! Related image