The Perfect Detox Day!

Zoie Saunders

As a high school student, I know all of the stress and worrying that others go through. And as stressful students we need to take the time to detox and regroup within ourselves. Not only to relieve stress, but to get our mental and physical elements back in line. This detox day doesn’t just pertain to girls. Guys need just as much detox as females. So feel free to try it out.

So all you need to start off with is a day during your week where you have absolutely nothing to do. Plan on staying in the house or apartment, for my college students, all day.

List of things that you will need:

  • Your favorite playlist (s)
  • Your favorite soap
  • Epsom Salt
  • Candles
  • Your favorite food
  • Your top 5 movies/shows
  • Your favorite drink, along with lots of water
  • And a day of no responsibilities

Start your morning off waking up before 9. By doing so you feel like you have the entire day to do all of your festivities. Start the day by doing some yoga stretches or doing a workout. It’s a great way to wake your body up and you will feel 10x better after doing so. Make sure to drink water while doing so! Next fix a nice, light uplifting breakfast that will help get your day started. Then we will move on to bathing.

This is when the party starts for real. Find that playlist that makes you feel like Beyonce on stage. Either your choice of a shower or a bath. I personally recommend taking a bath so you can soak in Epsom salt. It will help to relax your body. If you decide to take a shower, then find a lotion/body oil product that contains Epsom salt so you can get that muscle relaxant in your system.

Now that you are so fresh and clean, take this time to knock out some tasks you have been putting off. Go start that paper you are dreading, do some laundry, finish that book assignment, clean your room, do the thing that you know needs to be done. After doing that you will feel so much better and accomplished.

Its time to pick your movies/shows and start your binge! When you are starting to feel hungry order your favorite food from your favorite restaurant, or go out and treat yourself for lunch.

Enjoy the rest of your day doing absolutely nothing! Because you deserve it!