About Your FAFSA

About Your FAFSA

Have you received emails from Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Sabens regarding information about FAFSA? Are you confused as to what a FAFSA is? Well allow me to explain.Image result for FAFSA

What is a FAFSA

Senoirs are expected to create a FAFSA account ID along with their parents as well. After creating a FAFSA ID, this allows you to qualify for financial aid. You must have a social security number in order to create an ID and move forward in the process. You must also be a US citizen or an eligible non citizen as well. You can not create a FAFSA ID without your legal guardian creating one as well. This is a team process!

Do you need help with your FAFSA? 

October month is considered “power month” meaning this is the month that our counselors are trying to really push students to complete their FAFSA. A man named Nathan will be here every Monday to help students complete their FAFSA in the computer lab. If you need help check your email and schedule an appointment with him now!

How to access you FAFSA

If you’re interested in setting up your FAFSA and you happen to of lost the email with the link sent to you just go to https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/fafsa