The Difference Between Left and Right Twix


Zoie Saunders

Before you even judge, yes there is a difference! You can shake your head and disagree all you want, but there is no changing my mind on this. When Twix first decided to split, I thought their marketers had minds above the average human. What better way into tricking customers to buy your product than by selling false product, right? Wrong. After years of eating both sides, I slowly started to recognize the impeccable difference between them.

Let’s break it down, side by side.

  1. Packaging is the same, but except for the left and right label to distinguish the differences.
  2. After opening the package, the Twix look exactly the same. Same chocolate drizzle and covering. A sane person (somebody unlike myself) would know that without a doubt they are completely the exact same. But please, don’t jump to your conclusions yet.
  3. As a true Twix expert, I’ve decided to let you guys in on how I use my expertise. But just taking the chocolate layer off of the edge you can slightly see the difference between the two. The Left Twix has an extra layer of caramel with a lighter cookie absorbing it. On the other hand, the Right Twix has less caramel presented off the bat and a slightly darker cookie that fades lighter towards the middle.
  4. You think this is rigged, right? Wrong, yes I’ve decided to prove you wrong even more. It’s kinda my thing, proving people wrong. Now you will bite both of the Twix in the middle to examine the caramel drip. It takes a certain mastery to bite with leaving a caramel drip, but this step is necessary to show that the Right Twix lacks the caramel amount that the Left Twix provides.
  5. All in all, you have made it this far. Yay you! But don’t cheer too soon. You possibly can’t know the difference until you try it for yourself. So here is a free ticket to buy your self an unhealthy load of Twix.
  6. The proper way to experiment with this very true hypothesis is to have a nice glass of water sitting at your side. What’s the water for? A normal question to ask – it is there for the cleansing of your taste bud palate. Science, right?
  7. Then separate the Twix into their distinct piles. Now here is the best part. EATING THE CANDY! You can choose whichever you please, but don’t be upset when you pick the wrong side (aka Right Twix). Unless, you are the person who likes a more burnt cookie with their chocolate (WEIRDO00). When you decide to come to the Pleasant Side be prepared to be completely astonished with perfection of simplicity.
  8. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but mine is is right. I, Zoie C. Saunders, now rest my case on 1st World Problems that keep me up at night.