How to Pass Journalism 101

Benen Chen, Author

First things first, if you are reading this article right now, chances are you probably are not doing so hot.  This is a general how to on the basics for passing Journalism.  Unsurprisingly, this can be applied in a more general sense to any class or task.  

Show up to class

This one should be extremely obvious, but if you want to pass a class, the easiest thing to do is to show up.  Be on time and ready to work. Journalism is not the most high pressure class as long as you do something everyday you are in class.

Learn the essentials of Journalism

In the first week or so of Journalism, you learn the fundamental skills to the class.  Pay attention when you learn how to use the camera correctly and how to edit videos in the right format.  Camera work should be slow, steady and precise.  Make sure that the angles are correct, and that the spacing works well.  Editing is a skill that most people are not accustomed to before this class.  It is integral that you learn how to edit before the end of the semester.


Write, write, write

Write your reflections, scripts, and blogs. You are in an English class; be sure to proofread what you are submitting and check for spelling errors.  Make sure they contain all criteria. Reflections should be done honestly and help you improve for the week to come. Scripts should be flush with information, answering basic questions about the subject.  Blogs should be planned in advance and are usually done best when you care about what you are writing about.


Ask questions before it’s too late

Do not, I repeat, do not ask Apple or Dunn how to do something the day it is due.  If you get assigned a weird job or have a tough time thinking of an angle for your story, ask for help as you need it.  Don’t ask for the social media password a day before the week is up, or who the feature of the story is. Communication is key to a good story.


Don’t do things last minute

Most of this class can be accomplished as long as you follow the above tips.  There is a lot of time for everything in class to be done. If you are really proactive about finishing the little assignments before the class ends, you can have plenty of time free for stories and blog posts.