Four ways to deal with lack of creativity

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Four ways to deal with lack of creativity

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If you’re like me, you are not a creative person and may have problems when it comes to getting the interesting spin on that paper or class display. Here are four ways to help you get out of that creative funk.

Ask for help

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There is no problem with asking for help. Even in this class now I’ve asked Mr. Apple for ideas to write this final blog. A fresh perspective can always help to get you out of a creative jam. Maybe they give you a different perspective or a complete idea on its own. (I am not liable for any bad ideas you are given.)

Look it up

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Now I’m not telling you to plagiarize someone else’s work, but it is always helpful to see what has come before. Look up references, see what other people thought on a certain topic and form your own opinions based off of that. 


Take a break

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Now I know that when I have something big coming up (a creative assignment) I can drive myself crazy just sitting and waiting for the creative idea to strike, but sadly that doesn’t always happen in a timely manner. Then, I’m left to sit a wallow in my despair to fail an assignment. So, step away for a moment let your mind wander in a timely manner and come back with a fresh perspective, and in my experience, this works great. 

Lay it all out there

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Now, maybe your problem is you have multiple ideas and can’t decide between them. Well, jot them all down using the process of elimination. See what best suits you or this assignment. Does one fit the parameters more so than the other, or is one just the easy way out? Or possibly make a sample or a snippet of what you are going to write. With it all out front sometimes you can see the big picture clearer.

I hope with these few simple things can help you meet those creative standers in and out of your classes.